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May your visit here provide you with the information you seek in expanding your Dryburgh family history. Many resources have been utilized in compiling this extensive database, among them the General Register Office in Edinburgh, the ScotlandsPeople website, United States, United Kingdom, and Canadian census records, the International Genealogy Index, birth/marriage/death certificates and/or registrations, cemetery records/marker inscriptions, and information found in the public domain. A very special acknowledgment goes to Mr. Peter Wallace of Glenrothes, without whom the completeness and accuracy of this site would not be possible; and Mr. William James Dryburgh of Kirkcaldy, for his leadership and encouragement.

This site is an on-going project to link Dryburghs worldwide, and your contributions are welcomed. If you don't find your Dryburghs here, tell us about them. Also, if you see information you believe is incorrect, please let us know about that, too. E-mail access is available through the 'Search' function below.

"Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thainig thu"

(Remember the men from whence you came)

In Memoriam

William James Dryburgh

6 May 1969 - 9 Jan 2008


It is with great sadness that we tell you of the passing of Bill Dryburgh, a man of tremendous warmth and generosity, whose vision of a worldwide Dryburgh family has been, and will remain, the driving force and inspiration behind this website. Bill sought to bring to all Dryburghs a sense of belonging to a larger whole, to not only inform our family members of their lineage and history, but to also instill a greater sense of community and pride in our unique and rare surname.

He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

The Dryburgh Tartan

The Dryburgh tartan shown above was registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority in 2004, having been commissioned and designed by Mr. William James Dryburgh of Kirkcaldy, Fife, with the expertise and guidance of the knowledgable staff at House of Tartan in Comrie, Perth, Scotland. Everyone with a connection to the Dryburgh surname, or a variation thereof, is encouraged to wear with pride a kilt made of the Dryburgh tartan.

No one associated with this website has any connection to, or financial interest in, the House of Tartan.

DNA Project

When you begin your search, you will see that the Dryburgh individuals in this database are, for the most part, divided into various lines. Through continuing research, these lines will hopefully find their common link, and merge to become an even larger branch of our family tree. As of March 2007 we have conducted 23 marker DNA testing on a single member of both the Diamond Line and the Ruby Line, with the result of only one allele differential at two marker locations, indicating an extremely high probability of a common ancestor between them. If you are interested in participating in this project, then we are very interested in hearing from you, especially if you are of a line other than Diamond or Ruby.


* this project is currently suspended until further notice *

Legend for Location Field Source Notations


[ ] - information within brackets references another record and/or information within this website

[BIVRI] - British Isles Vital Records Index

[census] - data from an official government census

[contribution] - unverified information provided by a private individual

[DB&B] - Dryburgh Births and Baptisms (a link to these offsite PDF files is provided below)

[DM] - Dryburgh Marriages (a link to this offsite PDF files is provided below)

[LDS] - unverified information submitted to the International Genealogy Index by an LDS Church member

[marker] - information found on an actual grave marker

[OneWorldTree] - unverified information from Ancestry.com

[OPR] - information from an actual Old Parish Register entry

[SSDI] - United States Social Security Death Index

[WorldFamilyTree] - unverified information from Genealogy.com

[www.example.com] - website where information was located

xxx entry xxx - document reference number, General Register Office, Edinburgh



Dryburgh Abbey

Historic Scottish Counties

Parishes of Fife

1841 Fife Census Map and Statistics

1851 Fife Census Map and Statistics

1861 Fife Census Map and Statistics

1871 Fife Census Map and Statistics

The Coat of Arms depicted above is the personal property of William James Dryburgh, and may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the expressed written consent of William James Dryburgh.

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